Hi everyone,

In the interests of adding some content to the website and providing a little insight into my life, I thought I would do a semi-regular post about what I am playing, painting, reading or just enjoying at the moment. I plan to release these every second Tuesday or so, depending on whether I have anything interesting to share!

Today, I thought I would share a couple of quick snaps of my 3D printer setup. I purchased an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro a few months back and have been madly printing figures for all kinds of tabletop wargames and other diversions. There was a bit of a learning curve to begin with, but so long as you use common sense, it isn’t too difficult. The worst part are the smells and my garage (where I usually play games) is a no-go zone when I am printing. it means I have to carefully schedule my games and printing!

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Recently, I have been printing vehicles to round out my Russian Bolt Action army. These are big chunks of resin, but they came out wonderfully.

An assortment of 3D printed vehicles

Now all I need to do is work out what to do with all the left-over supports and miss-printed bits! Give me your suggestions. 🙂 Do you have a 3D printer or considered getting one?

What does one do with the left-over bits?