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Peril Planet is a tabletop game design studio powered by me, Nathan Russell. I tinker behind the scenes to bring you exciting and quirky games that throw you into the action.

At Peril Planet, my goal is to make little games for big adventures. You can check some of them out below.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Play

3 Questions to Ask Before Play

Starting a new roleplaying game is always exciting, but, as keen as i am to just get into telling exciting stores, I always take a moment to address a few things. I like to kick things off with a conversation so everyone is on the same page. Even when playing with...

What’s in a Name? (Or Why It’s Called FU)

What’s in a Name? (Or Why It’s Called FU)

So, this comes up a lot. It was never my intention to be provocative, contentious, or just damn rude. In fact I always have and always will call my little game “foo”. It never entered my mind that “F – U” might mean something else until after I had shared it. I guess...

Dice and System Matters

Dice and System Matters

I have been giving some thought to the dice mechanism in FU lately. A lot of thought. In fact, I have been chasing myself in circles thinking about how actions are resolved, what is important and why. I decided I would write this post so that; I could clarify for...