Worlds of adventure await!

Peril Planet is a tabletop game design studio powered by me, Nathan Russell. I tinker behind the scenes to bring you exciting and quirky games that throw you into the action.

At Peril Planet, my goal is to make little games for big adventure. You can check some of them out below.

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Interview with Dieku Games

Interview with Dieku Games

I had the absolute pleasure to speak with Garry from the Dieku Games Youtube channel. We talked about the origins of Freeform Universal, Hard City and my upcoming dieselpunk game, Tomorrow City. Check it out and give the channel a "thumbs up" if you enjoyed it!...

Setting Stakes in FU

Setting Stakes in FU

This article was first published July 7, 2016 I had a great conversation with Christoffer over on the FU Facebook page about setting stakes in your games of FU. At the core of the discussion was how do we ensure that our games don’t grind to a halt when a player rolls...

The House Detective

The House Detective

I have been having a great deal of fun running a Twitter play-by-poll to promote my upcoming noir RPG Hard City, published by Osprey Games (released next week!). You can check the thread here. In the story you play as the house detective for the Grand Hotel, where a...