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Peril Planet is a tabletop game design studio powered by me, Nathan Russell. I tinker behind the scenes to bring you exciting and quirky games that throw you into the action.

At Peril Planet, my goal is to make little games for big adventures. You can check some of them out below.

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Exploring Drives in FU

Exploring Drives in FU

Today I want to talk about drives in more detail. The classic FU rules describe them as defining a character’s “purpose”, or the thing they most want to achieve. However, drives can be much more than that. Drives can be the overt reasons a...

2023 in Review

2023 in Review

I haven't done this before, but I thought I would begin the year with a look back at the year that was 2023 - releases, sales and what I worked on. I don't think this will be a particularly long post, but I am writing it as both a record of what has happened, and,...

Inhumanoids: A FU Hack

Inhumanoids: A FU Hack

Here’s a quick thumb-sketch of an idea for a story or campaign, inspired by Marvel’s Inhumans. In this variation, however, it is more of a mash-up with traditional fantasy tropes, rather than alien experimentation. In the distant past, thousands (if not millions) of...