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Gleaming white mecha and technicolour explosions; the swing of mighty steel fists; the krak-krak-krak of anti-tank guns slung like rifles; a cloud of missiles raining down on an exposed mecha before it deftly rolls out of the way or meets its fiery doom. Young pilots, grizzled veterans and the tangled web of relationships that play out against the backdrop of war and clashing robots.

Thumnail cover of GunFrame war-game rules


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Gear up, strap in and launch your gunframe – it’s time for war!

As a gunframe commander you will control a force of elite pilots and their advanced mechanised combat frames – called gunframes.

You will marshal your forces, upgrade your mecha, and make a plan. Focus on the mission objectives, use the terrain to your advantage, and never let your guard down. Victory will come with careful resource management and ruthless aggression. 

Thumnail cover of GunFrame war-game rules


GunFrame is a fast-playing, exciting and tactically challenging miniature wargame. It has been built from the ground-up to let you play out the spectacle of mecha-on-mecha combat as portrayed in your favourite anime. Use any mecha miniatures to engage in small clashes between a handful of robots, or all-out battles with mecha supported by conventional units including infantry, tanks and aircraft. This complete game also includes rules for building your own units, transforming and combining mecha, unusual environments including underwater and space, and more than seventy upgrade abilities to customise your mecha and pilots.

The Basics

  • Skirmish miniature game
  • Two or more players
  • Simple dice pool mechanic
  • 3’x3′ playing area
  • Abstract scale – use 6mm to 28mm figures
  • 1-2 hours playing time

The Features

  • Game play that focuses on manoeuvre and reaction
  • Flexible unit consruction rules that let you create and field any mecha you want
  • Build and fight with transforming and combining mecha
  • Rules for pilot relationships, including buddies, lovers, rivals and nemesis!
  • Conventional units including infantry, tanks and flyers
  • Twelve missions to challenge your mecha pilots
  • Environmental conditions to spice up your battles
  • Rules for mecha battles in space
  • Optional rules for morale, crippled mecha and occupying structures
  • Three OVA settings with premade mecha to show you just what is possible

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