The Beast of Limfjord

Gather close and hear the saga of the great warrior, Hrothgar, and his journey home. Many were his triumphs in the years that he explored the north, west and east. Stories of his battle with the Serpent of Iceland, the defeat of the Tyrant of Wales and his tangle with the Witches of Rus were spread from fireside to fireside, wherever men shared tales. But as the weariness of ages grew upon Hrothgar he (as all men do) longed to return home and claim the prizes of old age – a welcoming hearth and a warm woman. So it was that Hrothgar and his crew of bondsmen set out for home. But the Gods often have plans for the bold of heart and able of body, and the north winds were unleashed upon Hrothgar and his crew, smashing their longship upon the shores of far northern Jutland, a desolate place of rugged men and great peril. It was here that the villagers of Limfjord, recognising the warrior in their midst, petitioned Hrothgar to save them from the Beast that had descended upon them.
This is the tale of Hrothgar and the Beast of Limfjord…

The Beast of Limfjord is an RPG Playset of dark age fantasy, inspired by the Norse sagas. It has everything you need to play out epic adventures.

The basics

  • 5 mighty heroes, ready for you to customise and play
  • Simple, entertaining rules that drive your heroes to dramatic situations
  • Detailed GM guide
  • Epic plot outline in 3 Acts
  • 3 starting scenes, 5 ready-to-run scenes and more than 30 other challenges provide plenty of tools, suggestions and inspiration to make the saga infinitely customisable and re-playable
  • Rules for character advancement and creating your own heroes, so your adventures can continue when the saga of the Beast of Limfjord ends