Free games

Below are a variety of free games for your entertainment. Some are detailed and complete, while others are little more than sketches of an idea, so your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

Button for Verge RPG


A fantasypunk roleplaying in a dark city.

Verge was written as part of a 24-hour RPG design contest.

Button for Conquest of the Lost World game

Conquest of the Lost World

A simple miniature battle game.

A simple set of miniature combat rules for battles in a past age.

Button for Big Game Hunter game

Big Game Hunter

A very simple game of dinosaur hunting.

A 2-page ruleset for hunting in a land that time forgot.

Button for The Last Human RPG

The Last Human

A roleplaying game about little robots.

This two-page RPG is based on the Freeform Universal RPG.