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The rain-slick streets gleam like silver on a circuit board and holographic signs paint the metroplexes in a river of neon. The city stretches as far as the eye can see, from the toxic coast to the city limits where the walls keep the wasteland from encroaching. Despite advances in technology most people continue to live as cogs in a machine, distracted from their ineffectual lives by slick consumerism and invasive media.

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You are a cyberpunk, a desperate individual with valuable skills, willing to put your life on the line in return for a little cash, reputation or leverage. With a lot of effort and a little luck you may survive the dangerous streets long enough to fulfill your goals and escape this life of violence and trouble.

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Neon City Overdrive

NEON CITY OVERDRIVE is a fast-playing RPG of cyberpunk action. With a focus on story and action, character creation is fast and the rules are intuitive. Create any kind of cyberpunk character you want and throw them into the action within minutes.

  • Simple, intuitive D6 dice pool system that is easy to adjudicate and resolves actions quickly
  • Player-facing rolls, meaning the GM can focus on story
  • Create any kind of cyberpunk you can imagine through the selection of character roles and equipment such as Arcology Brat, Codeslinger, Hover bike or Cyber eyes
  • Every character has a Drive that gives them a way out of the dangerous life of a cyberpunk
  • A simple gear mechanic that lets you “gear up” before the start of each new job
  • Physical, mental and social harm can be accrued as hits, conditions or traumas
  • Broad sandbox setting and random tables help make the setting your own
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Skinjobs. Artificial humans. Dolls. Skin-jumpers. Digital ghosts. The invention of the ghost chip was a game changer for those who could afford to re-skin, promising virtual immortality.

SKINJOBS provides material for both players and game masters to make transhumanism and artificila bodies a greater part of your games.

  • Rules for re-skinning and transfer sickness, new flaws and new traumas.
  • New trademarks for bioroids (organic clones), androids (artificial bodies), theroids (animal bodies), gene hacks (genetically modified humans) and new roles such as the ghost hunter, robot repairman, skim trader and transfer technician.
  • A table of adventure seeds and a new job are also included.
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Psychic powers, psionics and the untapped powers of the mind have long been a staple of science-fiction – cyberpunk included. Psions introduces psionic powers to your games of NEON CITY OVERDRIVE.

  • Advice and ideas to help you incorporate psionic powers and the characters who use them into your games.
  • Rules for psionics, fear and loathing, psionic amplification, cyber disruption and nexus zones.
  • Seven psionic power types including metahealing, pyrokinesis and telepathy. Each power provides new triggers, flaws, example psionic effects and trademarks.
  • More than fifty new trademarks, representing a range of psionic powers and non-psionic backgrounds, roles and gear. Become a mimic, energy vampire or radiohead!
  • Two mini-settings that show you how to incorporate psionic powers into your cyberpunk games.
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The Grid

The endless runway of data known as the Grid invaded every part of modern life and made itself an unavoidable spectre that watches, listens and controls the lives of the careless and unwary.

THE GRID explores and explains the pervasive electronic infrastructure of the neon-lit city, providing you the tools to take your games off the street and into the digitized wonderland of the sprawling data network.

  • Explanation of how the grid is used, including descriptions of the key infrastructure and technologies such as the holographic overlay, data hubs, private networks and interface gear.
  • Getting around the grid, descriptions of key locations and dozens of story hooks. Run the digital streets, hang out in Underwire, marvel at the mysterious Beam or ride the information super-highway that is the ribbon.
  • New hazards, threats, locations, and dangerous programs. Watch out for data storms and oubliettes, defy grid cops and gate guardians and avoid the dreaded black ICE.
  • Advice on using the grid in your games, new grid-specific conditions and traumas, and further guidance on the process of piggy-backing grid observers.
  • Twenty-five new trademarks, advice on playing an artificial intelligence and examples to help you represent grid technology and programs as special gear.

Form-fillable character sheet

Stylish and useful! Click the image to get your form-fillable PDF character sheet for Neon City Overdrive.

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Tokyo Shields

Tokyo SHIELDS is a free micro-setting for the Neon City Overdrive roleplaying game. It is based on the setting of the same name that first appeared in GunFrame: the anime mecha battle game.

Inspired by anime such as Patlabour, Ghost in the Shell, Dominion Tank Police, Bubblegum Crisis and Appleseed.

Action Tales! Facebook Community

Neon City Overdrive is powered by the Action Tales! Game Engine. A community of fans can be found at the ActionTalesRPG facebook group.