Worlds of adventure await!

Peril Planet is an Australian publisher of tabletop games and accesories, including roleplaying games, boardgames and miniature battle games.

Nathan Russell established Peril Planet in 2005 when he realised that making and sharing games didn’t require big budgets, just big ideas and big passion. He embraced the indie game design approach of tightly focused games that jettison anything that doesn’t enhance the play experience. That year he won the inaugural “Ronnies” game design contest, which was just the boost in conidence required to continue writing and publishing quirky, fun games.

The Mission

Peril Planet is dedicated to bringing you games with interesting settings and easy to learn rules that focus on story, playability and fun. They will capture your imagination, inspire you to tell awesome stories and let you escape into exciting worlds – at least for a little while.


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Nathan Russell

Nathan Russell is a game designer, dad, teacher, and pug wrangler based in Newcastle, Australia. He has been playing, tweaking and writing RPGs for as long as he can remember, and in 2005 he began publishing games for others to enjoy, including Freeform Universal and Neon City Overdrive. In 2010, Nathan began National Game Design Month (Naga Demon) to encourage others to get their game designs finished and to foster a friendly, supportive community of like-minded makers. When not at his keyboard, you can usually find Nathan watering his garden and lamenting the state of his lawn.