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Dungeon Blitz is a series of fast-playing solo adventure games.

In each adventure you create a character and undertake an exciting and dangerous dungeon crawl with little more than your trusty weapon and wits. All you need is some paper, a pencil and three six-sided dice. The dungeon is randomly generated and you will map it as you play. As you discover new locations you might be attacked by monsters, set off a trap or find wondrous treasure. Eventually, you will find the terrible monster at the heart of the dungeon and either defeat it or die trying!

Play the Dungeon Blitz books in any order. Carefully manage your resources, collect treasure and find wondrous magic items as you explore dangerous crypts and dark dungeons. If you survive the dungeon your hero will level up and set out on the road to their next exciting adventure!

Thumbnail cover of Blood Castle Dungeon Blitz book

Blood Castle: A dungeon blitz adventure game

Vardak Castle leers over the village of Greyhollow like a hungry vulture. For decades the villagers have shuttered their windows after dark and lived in fear of the evil that watches over them. You have journeyed along the Vova River to the haunted village, prepared to put a stop to whatever unnatural creature stirs in the cursed halls of the BLOOD CASTLE!

Thumbnail cover of Catacomb of Chaos Dungeon Blitz book

Catacomb of Chaos: A dungeon blitz adventure game

The Temple of Kur-Tar stood atop a hill in the lonely moors for a thousand years, until it was destroyed during a great battle. Now the land is haunted, the dead rise from their graves and demons crawl from their fiery pits. Someone must venture into the ruins and put an end to the evil that lurks there. Are you clever and lucky enough to survive the CATACOMB OF CHAOS?

Thumbnail image of the Dungeon Blitz character sheet

Form-fillable character sheet

Never let a lack of parchment stop your adventures! Click the image to get your form-fillable Dungeon Blitz character sheet.