FU Hacks

FU Hacks are games / documents created by fans so they can use the Freeform Universal RPG rules in their favourite settings / genres / worlds. Even if you are not interested in any of these particular hacks / settings, it is worth having a browse to see what others have done with the rules, as there is a multitude of great ideas and interesting tweaks you might apply in your own games.

I have endeavoured to attribute the creator of each hack wherever possible. If I have missed you, let me know! If you have a hack to add to the below, get in contact, too.

Click on an image to open a PDF of the hack. You may save / print the document from there.

Button for Verge RPG

I Know Kung-FU

Recreate all the action and adventure of the Matrix films, from calling your controller to summon the gear you need when you need it.

Button for Conquest of the Lost World game

May the FU Be With You

The galaxy-spanning adventure of Star Wars comes to life with this hack.

Button for Big Game Hunter game

Lego FU

Grab hold of the Creation Spark and see what adventures it takes you on, with a game inspired by the worlds of Lego.
By Andrew Smith

Hot War - A FU Hack

Play in Contested Ground Studio’s post-apocalyptic 1960’s world of Hot War (or even the predecessor Cold City).
By Adrian Price

Button for The Last Human RPG

Pirates - Adventures on the High Seas

An incredibly detailed hack for playing swashbuckling pirate adventures.
By Steven Lincoln

XCOM - A FU Hack

Save the world from alien invasion in this hack of the X-COM computer game.
By Jean-Baptiste Breton

Zombie Apocalypse

Fight zombies and survive the night! Bringing zombies to your games of FU.
By Jean-Baptiste Breton


An extensive reworking of the FU rules, bringing additional depth and detail.
By Adrian Price

Eclipse Phase - A FU Hack

A fast-paced hack to play in the exciting transhuman world of Postman Studio’s Eclipse Phase.
By Jean-Baptiste Breton